EOI: European Organ Index

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The EOI is a tool with which you can search various European organ databases (see below) at the same time. Basically, each database contains information on organs in the country they are located. When you have located a specific organ, you will be provided with more information from the local database by clicking on Details. Either you will get more detailed information directly via the world wide web or you will find an e-mail address to which you can send your question related to that specific organ.

Geographical names (countries, places) may be found under the original name and the English name (i.e. Wien and Vienna). If you are searching for a name with ä, ö, ü, å etc., without having the possibility to write that very character with its original spelling, you can simply write: a, o, u or a. The search mechanism will automatically find the original spelling.

Be aware that the EOI is under construction: The participating organisations will add more organs to their databases. More countries will – we hope – participate in the EOI in the near future.
Participating now are:

A project sponsored by the European Union under the Raphael Programme